What should I order at Wendy's?

QUICK TIPS:  1. Opt for Bunless Burgers: Dave’s Single or Dave’s Double. 2. Choose Grilled over Breaded: Go for Grilled Chicken Sandwich or Chicken Club without the bun. 3. Customize Your Order: Use Wendy’s mobile app to remove high-carb items and add more good fats. 4. Opt for Salads: Choose from options like Southwest Avocado Salad or Parmesan Caesar Salad. Avoid high-carb dressings. 5. Be Mindful of the Sides: Instead of french fries, opt for side salad or small chili.

1. low-carb dressing. 2. Burger King: Their Whopper without the bun is a popular low-carb choice, and don't overlook the Tendergrill Chicken Sandwich without the bun. 3. Chick-fil-A: The Grilled Chicken Nuggets and Cobb Salad (minus the corn) are excellent low-carb options. 4. In-N-Out Burger: The "Protein Style" burger (wrapped in lettuce instead of a bun) is a keto favorite. 5. Taco Bell: Their Power Menu Bowl can be a decent low-carb choice if you remove the rice and beans.

Navigating Wendy's low carb options has never been easier! Remember, your keto journey needn't stop when eating out. Modify your orders, be mindful of carbs, and enjoy the flavor of Wendy's delicious burgers and salads. So go on, continue your keto lifestyle with convenience and pleasure. Happy eating!