Amazing Keto Grilled Cheese: Low Carb BBQ Chicken Sandwich

The grilled cheese sandwich, the ultimate comfort food. A classic favorite that many of us grew up loving.

Let's dive into the world of keto grilled cheese, where we get to enjoy the cheesy goodness minus the guilt.


– Shredded chicken – Sugar free BBQ sauce – Garlic herb butter – Butter unsalted – Red onion – Havarti cheese – Swiss cheese – Keto sandwich bread

Start by melting the regular unsalted butter on medium heat in a non-stick skillet.


Saute the sliced red onions until they’re beautifully softened. That aromatic scent is everything!


In a mixing bowl, combine your shredded chicken with the sugar-free BBQ sauce.


Lay out two slices of your keto sandwich bread. Top each piece of bread with slices of both Swiss cheese and Havarti.


Quality Over Quantity: It’s a classic favorites rule: invest in high-quality ingredients.


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