Instant Pot Keto Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers

This Keto Egg Stuffed Bell Peppers is a quick and easy Keto breakfast or brunch recipe. This 3 ingredient dish is perfect for a low carb or Keto Diet.

Adding the bell peppers adds a delicious pop of flavor for the perfect Keto Brunch idea.


– Bell peppers – Eggs – Water – Shredded cheese – Salt & pepper

Cut all of the bell peppers in half, lengthwise. Remove the stems, seeds, and white inner ribs. Rinse each half and dry with a paper towel.


Crack 1 egg into each pepper half. Season with salt and pepper.


Pour the water into the bottom of the Instant Pot and place the rack in the pot.


Arrange the pepper halves on the rack and loosely cover the peppers with a piece of aluminum foil.


Pressure cook on low for 4 minutes.


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