Keto Banana Pudding

Looking for an easy keto dessert? Enjoy a classic southern dessert when you throw together this Keto Banana Pudding

Heavy cream, egg yolks, and banana extract combine to make the most addicting keto dessert. Thick and creamy with all the banana flavor you can handle and none of the guilt.

 Heat the milk - In a small pot, heat the water and milk. Once up to temperature, stir in the stevia.

 Add eggs - In a bowl, whip up your eggs and add them to the pot.

Mix in dry ingredients - In a small bowl, mix the xanthum gum and powdered sugar. Then add to the cream mixture, whisking the whole time.

Thicken - Cook the mixture for about five minutes or until it thickens. Chill in fridge for 2 hours. 

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