Keto Mediterranean Quesadilla

Dive into the Keto Mediterranean Quesadilla, a fusion where keto meets Mediterranean delight.

Loaded with shredded chicken, feta, fresh spinach, and zesty tomato, it's the ultimate treat for keto lovers craving rich flavors!


– Tortillas – Roma tomato – Chicken – Mozzarella cheese – Crumbled feta

Heat 1 tablespoon of the olive oil in a skillet over medium heat.


Add in the shredded chicken, garlic and oregano, and saute for 1 minute.


In a separate large skillet, heat the remaining olive oil. Place two tortillas into the skillet.


Top each tortilla with ¼ cup of the mozzarella cheese, some of the chicken mixture, the spinach, feta, tomato and then the remaining mozzarella cheese.


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