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20 Keto Mexican Food Recipes For Cinco de Mayo

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These 20 Keto Mexican Food Recipes are perfect for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!
Just because it is a holiday doesn't mean you have to give up on your diet.

There are so many delicious Keto Friendly Mexican food recipes to have the perfect Cinco de Mayo celebration. 

Mexican Food is my favorite food so I am glad that I have so many delicious options.

What Mexican food is Keto?

All of your favorite Mexican foods can be made Keto with a little adjustments.

You'll love tacos, nachos, fajitas, and more with just a few recipe changes without sacrificing the flavor.

Note: If any of these recipes mentioned tortillas or rice, you would just substitute with lettuce wraps, cheese shells or cauliflower rice.

Keto Mexican Food

These recipes are great because they are easy to make and full of flavor but they would also be enjoyed by your entire Cinco de Mayo party guest list, even if they don't follow the Keto Diet.

Tools Needed for Keto Cinco de Mayo Recipes

Many of these recipes use common tools that you have around the house, but a few of them use an Instant Pot or an Air Fryer.

If you don't have either of these I recommend picking them up because they are so useful in cooking Keto Recipes.

Here are 45 of our favorite Keto Instant Pot recipes. There are so many brands and sizes available and Amazon.

20 Keto Mexican Food Recipes For Cinco de Mayo

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Keto Mexican Food