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Nat keto drinks reviews: Is this drink worth buying

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As the popularity of the ketogenic diet continues to skyrocket, many are searching for ways to boost their results and make the process more manageable. This often means turning to supplements, specifically, exogenous ketones. One such product that's garnered quite a bit of attention is the NAT Keto drink. Therefore, I decided to put pen to paper and provide my NAT keto drinks reviews in the hopes of guiding those on their keto journey. Read nat keto drinks reviews and tips.

nat keto drinks reviews: two boxes of nat drink

What is NAT Keto Drink?

NAT (Nutritionally Advanced Technology) is an exogenous ketone supplement developed by Pruvit. This supplement is designed to increase blood ketone levels, thus promoting a state of ketosis. It claims to offer several health benefits including improved energy levels, enhanced cognitive function, and even DNA repair.

However, to truly assess whether these drinks live up to their promises, we need to delve into their active ingredient, the science behind it, and the real-world feedback from users.

The Science Behind NAT Keto Drinks:

The driving force behind NAT Keto drinks is their ability to supply exogenous ketones, primarily in the form of R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate. This compound is one of the three ketone bodies naturally produced by the body during times of carbohydrate restriction or fasting. In a strict diet, such as a keto diet, the body produces these ketones from fatty acids to serve as an alternative energy source.

Supplementing with exogenous ketones, as in the case of NAT Keto drinks, can raise your blood ketone levels, mimicking the state of nutritional ketosis achieved by following a strict ketogenic diet. But unlike the process of getting into ketosis through diet alone, these drinks can offer a shortcut, negating the symptoms of keto flu and the strict diet adherence required.

Understanding NAT Keto Drinks Further:

Now that we've tackled the basics, let's dig a bit deeper to understand how NAT Keto Drinks function, their potential effects on our bodies, and how they fit into our daily lifestyle.

Endogenous vs. Exogenous Ketones:

It's crucial to distinguish between endogenous ketones, which our bodies produce naturally when fasting or following a high-fat diet, and exogenous ketones, which come from sources outside the body, like NAT Keto Drinks. Exogenous ketones aim to imitate the ketosis process, providing a shortcut to the state without the necessity of sticking to a strict ketogenic diet.

However, keep in mind that while these drinks provide the ketones your body may use for fuel, they do not inherently cause fat loss. A high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet and regular exercise are still essential for fat burning and achieving a healthier body composition.

The Ketone Operating System:

Pruvit, the company behind NAT Keto Drinks, refers to its products as a "Ketone Operating System". This system revolves around the concept of 'Bio-hacking' your body through exogenous ketones, leading to improved performance, energy, and focus. However, as with all dietary supplements, it's vital to keep an open mind and make an informed decision, considering the current research, reviews, and potential side effects.

Ingredients Breakdown:

Let's break down some of the key ingredients:

  1. R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate: This is a ketone salt, providing the primary active ingredient in NAT Keto Drinks.
  2. Fermented L-Leucine: This is an essential amino acid. It can assist with muscle repair and recovery, but its impact on ketosis is still unclear.
  3. Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT): MCTs are a type of fat that can be quickly converted into ketones.
  4. C-Med 100 (Cat's Claw): This plant extract has potential antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  5. Other Ingredients: These include natural flavorings, beta carotene for color, and caffeine in the charged versions.

Caffeine Content:

Speaking of caffeine, it's essential to note that the charged version of NAT Keto Drinks does contain a fair amount. If you're sensitive to caffeine or prefer to avoid it, opt for the caffeine-free version.

Daily Usage and Long Term Effects:

While it's generally safe to use exogenous ketone supplements like NAT Keto Drinks on a daily basis, it's essential to consider potential long-term effects. There's currently little evidence from long-term human studies on exogenous ketones, so it's difficult to predict potential negative effects. Some potential issues could include an impact on blood glucose levels or digestive discomfort.

Choosing the Best Way Forward:

A low-carb diet, specifically the ketogenic diet, is a commitment. It's not merely about losing weight, but also about making better choices for your overall health. Dietary supplements like Pruvit's Keto OS NAT can be a beneficial part of that commitment.

However, it's vital to remain informed about what you're putting into your body. Regularly check for updates on the Pruvit’s website and seek advice from healthcare professionals.

Finally, listen to your body. If you notice any negative effects, it might be a sign that exogenous ketones aren't the best fit for you. Instead, you might achieve better results from naturally producing endogenous ketones through a high-fat, low-carb ketogenic diet.

Chart: Comparing Ketone Sources

Endogenous KetonesExogenous Ketones (like Pruvit's Keto OS NAT)
SourceProduced naturally in the body during carbohydrate restriction or fastingSupplements, usually in the form of drinks
BenefitsFat burning, enhanced cognitive function, potential protection against certain diseasesQuick entry into a state of ketosis, potential energy boost
ConsRequires strict diet adherence, possible 'keto flu' symptomsPotential side effects, cost, doesn't inherently cause fat loss


  1. Start Slowly: If you're new to exogenous ketones or the ketogenic diet, start with a half serving and gradually increase.
  2. Hydrate: Keto diets can lead to increased water loss. Ensure you're drinking plenty of fluids.
  3. Combine with a Healthy Diet: For the best results, use NAT Keto Drinks in combination with a balanced, low-carb diet.
  4. Exercise: Physical activity helps to burn stored fat for energy, promoting ketosis and improving overall health.
  5. Consult a Professional: Always consult a healthcare professional before starting any new dietary supplement.

Remember, while supplements like NAT Keto Drinks can support your keto journey, the key to long-term success lies in a well-rounded approach to health, including a balanced diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep.

Ingredients and Flavors:

NAT Keto drinks are available in different flavors like Maui Punch, Raspberry Lemonade, and many more. The active ingredient, R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate, is combined with a proprietary blend of ingredients including medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, citric acid, natural flavor, mineral salts, and others.

NAT Keto drinks:

KETO//OS NAT®Raspberry Lemonade, Heart Tart, Lime Time, Blueberry Acai, Nat Lite, Maui Punch, Splash, Swiss Cacao, Naranja, Hibisco, Berry Blue, Strawberry Peach, Trü Passion$39.9520BHB Salts, C-Med 100®, Max NAT™ Blend, Natural Flavors, Stevia
KETO//OS NAT® ChargedRaspberry Lemonade, Heart Tart, Lime Time, Blueberry Acai, Nat Lite, Maui Punch, Splash, Swiss Cacao, Naranja, Hibisco, Berry Blue, Strawberry Peach, Trü Passion$44.9520BHB Salts, C-Med 100®, Max NAT™ Blend, Natural Flavors, Caffeine, Stevia

NAT Keto drinks are exogenous ketones that are designed to help you enter ketosis faster. They are made with BHB salts, which are a type of ketone that your body can use for energy. NAT Keto drinks are also flavored with natural flavors and sweeteners.

KETO//OS NAT® and KETO//OS NAT® Charged are both available in a variety of flavors. They are also available in both unflavored and powdered forms.

KETO//OS NAT® and KETO//OS NAT® Charged are both keto-friendly and can be used as part of a ketogenic diet. They are also gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free.

If you are looking for a way to enter ketosis faster, NAT Keto drinks may be a good option for you. However, it is important to note that they are not a magic bullet and should be used as part of a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Deeper Insights into Pruvit's Keto OS NAT:

Understanding the Science:

To further grasp how Pruvit's Keto OS NAT operates, let's delve deeper into the science of ketosis and the role of ketones. We've discussed endogenous and exogenous ketones, but there are also different types of ketones: ketone salts and ketone esters.

  1. Ketone Salts: These are bound to a salt, typically sodium, potassium, calcium, or magnesium. They are widely used in keto supplements like Pruvit's Keto OS NAT due to their palatable taste and ability to raise blood ketone levels.
  2. Ketone Esters: These are linked to an ester and are more efficiently converted into BHB in the body. However, they tend to be less palatable. Ketone ester drinks are primarily used in research and for athletic performance.

Both ketone salts and esters have their advantages, but the former is usually more preferred for general use due to their more acceptable taste and lower cost.

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Pruvit's Ketones and Their Impact:

Pruvit has leveraged the power of ketone salts in their Keto OS NAT drinks. Through the process of fermentation, they have created a product that provides the benefits of ketosis without the often stringent requirements of a keto diet.

The supplementation of exogenous ketones has been shown to increase blood ketones, indicating that the body is in a state of ketosis. This can lead to benefits such as increased cognitive clarity, enhanced athletic performance, and improved cellular function.

The Role of Essential Amino Acids:

Essential amino acids are vital to the body's functioning, and Pruvit's Keto OS NAT contains fermented L-leucine. This essential amino acid can promote muscle protein synthesis and provide nutritional support for those on a keto diet.

Caffeine in Pruvit's Keto OS NAT:

The charged version of Pruvit's Keto OS NAT does contain caffeine, comparable to the amount found in a standard cup of coffee. This is something to consider if you're sensitive to stimulants or trying to limit your caffeine intake. Fortunately, a caffeine-free version is also available.

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Pruvit's Keto OS NAT in the Market:

A Pruvit Keto OS review would be incomplete without discussing its position in the market. There's no denying that Keto OS NAT has made a substantial impact in the world of keto supplements, helping many individuals achieve their wellness goals. But as with any dietary supplement, it's essential to make an informed decision. Supplements like Pruvit's Keto OS NAT should be used as a tool to complement a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle, not replace them.

In conclusion, Pruvit's Keto OS NAT offers a convenient way to experience the benefits of ketosis. It's a well-researched product that leverages the power of ketone salts and essential amino acids. As with any supplement, always consult with a healthcare professional before starting. Stay informed, consider your personal goals and health status, and you're on your way to make the best use of keto supplements in your health journey.

The inclusion of MCT oil is notable as it's a type of fatty acid that the body can quickly use for energy, further supporting a state of ketosis. Moreover, citric acid adds a tangy flavor, while mineral salts help to prevent electrolyte imbalance that might occur during a very low carb diet.

User Experience and Possible Side Effects:

Reviews of NAT Keto drinks on the Pruvit website and other platforms are generally positive. Users report increased energy levels, improved cognitive function, and even weight loss. Some also mention that these drinks help them get over the initial hurdles of starting a ketogenic diet, commonly referred to as the keto flu.

However, it's worth noting that there could be potential side effects. These may include gastrointestinal issues, high blood pressure, and an impact on blood sugar levels. Therefore, it's crucial to approach these supplements with caution and possibly under medical supervision, particularly if you have underlying health conditions.

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Nat keto drinks reviews FAQs:

Q: Do NAT Keto drinks really work?

A: NAT Keto drinks may help increase blood ketone levels, promoting a state of ketosis. However, they should not be used as a replacement for a healthy diet and lifestyle. Their efficacy may also vary among individuals.

Q: Can NAT Keto drinks help with weight loss?

A: While these drinks can help promote a state of ketosis, which is often associated with weight loss, they should not be viewed as a magic bullet. A balanced diet and regular exercise are still the best ways to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.

Q: Are there any side effects of NAT Keto drinks?

A: Some users report side effects like stomach upset and high blood pressure. It's recommended to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new supplements.

Q: How often should I consume NAT Keto drinks?

A: This can depend on your individual goals and tolerance. However, most people consume one drink per day, typically in the morning.

Q: Can I consume NAT Keto drinks if I'm not on a keto diet?

A: Yes, you can. However, the benefits associated with ketosis might not be as pronounced if you're consuming a diet high in carbs.

Q: Do NAT Keto drinks contain caffeine?

A: Yes, some flavors of NAT Keto drinks contain caffeine equivalent to a cup of coffee. They also offer "charged" and "decaf" versions.

Q: Can NAT Keto drinks improve my athletic performance?

A: Some research suggests that ketones can be used as an alternative energy source, potentially benefiting athletic performance. However, more human studies are needed to confirm this.

Q: Can I take NAT Keto drinks while pregnant or breastfeeding?

A: It's recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before taking any new supplements while pregnant or breastfeeding.

Q: Are NAT Keto drinks gluten-free and vegan-friendly?

A: Yes, NAT Keto drinks are both gluten-free and vegan-friendly.

Q: Will NAT Keto drinks break my intermittent fasting?

A: NAT Keto drinks do contain calories, so they could potentially interrupt a fast depending on the strictness of your fasting protocol.

Q: How do NAT Keto drinks taste?

A: Taste can be subjective. Some users enjoy the taste, especially the flavored options like Maui Punch and Raspberry Lemonade, while others prefer to mix the drinks with cold water or low-carb juices to improve the taste.

Q: Can I consume NAT Keto drinks if I have high blood pressure or other health conditions?

A: If you have any pre-existing health conditions, it's crucial to consult with your healthcare provider before starting any new supplements, including NAT Keto drinks.

After scouring the Pruvit’s Keto OS NAT reviews, it's clear that these drinks have worked for a lot of people in their keto journey. They may help increase ketone bodies in your system and potentially speed up the transition into ketosis. However, they are not a cure-all. Achieving sustainable health benefits and weight loss on a keto diet still requires a balanced diet, adequate hydration, and regular exercise. Use exogenous ketone supplements as an addition to these factors, not a substitute.

Remember, while exogenous ketones are generally considered safe for most people, those with certain health conditions should use these supplements under medical supervision. Always consult with a healthcare professional before introducing new supplements into your diet as you learn nat keto drinks reviews.

Here's a comparison chart of some similar products in the market:

ProductExogenous KetonesCaffeineAdded Essential Amino AcidsOther Notable IngredientsPrice
Pruvit Keto OS NATYes (Ketone Salts)Yes (also caffeine-free version available)Yes (Fermented L-Leucine)Beta Carotene, Cat's Claw, MCT$$$
Perfect Keto Exogenous Ketone BaseYes (Ketone Salts)NoNoMCT, Stevia$$
HVMN Ketone Ester DrinkYes (Ketone Esters)NoNoStevia$$$$
Kiss My Keto Exogenous KetonesYes (Ketone Salts)NoNoElectrolytes, Stevia$$
Zhou Nutrition Keto Drive CapsulesYes (Ketone Salts)NoNoMCT, Black Pepper Extract$

Nat keto drinks reviews Key Takeaways Chart:

  1. NAT Keto drinks are exogenous ketone supplements designed to boost blood ketone levels and promote a state of ketosis.
  2. Active ingredients include R-Beta Hydroxybutyrate and MCT oil, which are beneficial in a keto diet.
  3. These drinks come in various flavors and can help ease the symptoms of keto flu.
  4. Users report positive effects such as increased energy levels and improved cognitive function.
  5. Possible side effects include gastrointestinal issues and high blood pressure. Always consult a healthcare professional before starting new supplements.
  6. Supplements like NAT Keto drinks should complement a balanced diet and regular exercise, not replace them.
  7. User experiences vary. Individual health status, lifestyle, and adherence to a keto diet can impact results.

In the ever-evolving world of health and wellness, it's easy to get lost in the multitude of supplements available. While Pruvit's Keto OS NAT has proven itself to be a key player in the ketogenic space, remember, it's not a magic pill. Ultimately, a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a proactive approach to overall health are what drive sustainable results. As we've explored in this review, there's potential for exogenous ketones to be a beneficial tool, but they should be used wisely and complement a committed wellness regimen. Stay informed about nat keto drinks reviews, prioritize your health, and embrace your journey to wellness.

Remember, a keto lifestyle is a commitment, and there are no shortcuts to achieving true health and wellness. Supplements can provide support, but the foundation will always lie in a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

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