Easy Chocolate Chip Keto Pancake Recipe

Today, I’m diving deep into the world of the best low carb pancake mix and even sharing a delightful keto pancake recipe with you!

A top-notch low carb pancake mix should offer the fluffy consistency of traditional pancakes while aligning with the dietary restrictions of a low-carb lifestyle.


– Almond flour – Baking powder – Stevia extract – Salt – Sugar-free chocolate chips

In a medium bowl add the dry ingredients (almond flour, baking powder, stevia, and salt) whisk until all the ingredients are well combined.


In a separate bowl add the eggs and almond milk, whisk with the whisker for one minute until you have a creamy and liquid batter.


Add the dry ingredients to the wet and continue whisking for another 30 seconds.


At this point add the chocolate chips and stir them into the batter.


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