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10 Keto Friendly Chips: Best Low Carb Options to Buy

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So, you're on a ketogenic diet, and you're missing those crispy chips, aren't you? Believe me, I've been there. The keto diet offers numerous health benefits, and while it's fantastic for weight loss and overall health, it can be a challenge when those salty snack cravings kick in. But guess what? You're in luck! Let me introduce you to a world of keto-friendly chips. 🎉

When Potato Chips Just Won't Cut It

Most classic tortilla chips and regular potato chips are a no-go on a keto diet. They’re loaded with carbs which can quickly kick you out of ketosis. But the good news is, with the increasing popularity of the ketogenic diet, there have been several innovations in the world of low-carb snacks. And let’s face it, we all need our crunchy snack fix!

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10 Best Keto Chips

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1. Quest Protein Chips

Each bag of Quest Protein Chips boasts around 21g protein and only 3g net carbs. The nacho cheese flavor offers a tangy, cheesy delight, while the chili lime provides a zesty kick. With a texture reminiscent of classic tortilla chips, they're a top choice for those who want protein-packed goodness.

Quest Nutrition Tortilla Style Protein Chips, Low Carb, Nacho Cheese 1.1 Ounce (Pack of 12)
$24.92 ($1.89 / Ounce)

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03/11/2024 10:27 pm GMT

2. Hilo Life

Hilo Life takes pride in offering fewer than 3g net carbs per serving. Their chips come in resealable packs, which means your snacks stay fresh for longer. The variety of flavors, from spicy nacho to zesty ranch, ensures there's something for everyone.

Hilo Life, Low Carb Keto Friendly Tortilla Chip Snack Bags Nacho Cheese Ranch Spicy Salsa Ultimate Taco, Variety Pack, (Pack of 12)
$23.49 ($1.96 / Ounce)

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03/11/2024 10:02 pm GMT

3. Genius Gourmet

With each serving containing around 2g net carbs, Genius Gourmet is indeed a genius in the world of keto-friendly snacks. Their chips, made primarily from high-quality ingredients, offer a unique crunch that stands out.

4. Pepperoni Chips

The simplicity of this snack is its strength. It's just thinly sliced pepperoni baked until they reach a crispy perfection. They have zero carbs and pack a meaty punch in flavor. They're especially good when dipped in some keto-friendly sour cream.

Sonoma Creamery - Pizza Crisps, Pepperoni, 9.5 Oz (1 Count) | Savory Snack Cracker | High Protein | Low Carb | Gluten Free | Wheat Free |Keto Friendly
$20.15 ($2.12 / Ounce)

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03/11/2024 10:42 pm GMT

5. Mr. Tortilla Almond Flour Tortilla Chips

Crafted from almond flour and boasting just 3g net carbs per serving, these chips offer a delightful crunch. Seasoned with sea salt and other spices, they are a mouth-watering, keto-friendly treat.

6. Kale Chips

These are not just for health enthusiasts! When baked correctly, they turn into a crispy, flavorful snack. Rich in vitamins, they're not only keto-friendly but also packed with health benefits.

7. WonderSlim KETO Tortilla Chips

with MCT Oil, Creamy Ranch, 3g Net Carbs, 13g Fat, 9g Protein, 0g Sugar, Gluten Free 

8. Keto Cheese Chips

Combining the gooeyness of mozzarella cheese with the nutty flavor of almond flour, these chips are heavenly. They're rich, crispy, and absolutely perfect to quench those chip cravings.

9. Atkins Protein Chips

Atkins has been a reliable name in the low-carb community for a while. Their protein chips, available in flavors like BBQ and sour cream & onion, are both crispy and filling.

Atkins Protein Chips Variety Pack, 4g Net Carbs, 13g Protein, Gluten Free, Low Glycemic, Keto Friendly, 12 Count
$28.75 ($2.18 / Ounce)

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03/12/2024 12:02 am GMT

10. Homemade Keto Tortilla Chips

Making your own chips can be fun and rewarding!

Homemade Keto Tortilla Chips Recipe

  • Ingredients:
    • 2 low carb tortillas
    • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
    • Sea salt to taste
    • Optional: garlic powder, onion powder, or chili powder for seasoning
  • Directions:
    1. Preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C).
    2. Using a sharp knife or pizza cutter, cut the tortillas into chip-sized triangles.
    3. Spread them out on a baking sheet in a single layer.
    4. Brush each piece with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and your chosen seasonings.
    5. Bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes or until they're golden brown and crispy.
    6. Remove, let them cool, and enjoy with your favorite keto dip!

There you have it! Ten incredible keto-friendly chip options to keep your crunchy cravings at bay. 

FAQ on Keto Chips

What chips can I eat while on keto?

When on a ketogenic diet, you should avoid regular tortilla chips and classic potato chips. Instead, opt for low-carb chips made from almond flour, pork rinds, or even vegetables like zucchini and kale.

Which chip has the least carbs?

Pepperoni chips and some pork rinds have zero carbs. They're a fantastic choice for those strict keto days.

How do you replace chips on keto?

Replacing chips on keto is all about creativity. Think outside the box! Pork rinds can serve as a crunchy snack, while almond flour and cheese can be used to make keto nachos. Vegetables like kale and zucchini can be baked or air-fried to make crispy chips. The main ingredient should always be low-carb, and spices can be adjusted according to preference.

Can I use coconut flour instead of almond flour?

Yes, you can, but remember that coconut flour is more absorbent than almond flour. Adjustments will be needed in recipes to ensure the right consistency.

Is sunflower oil okay for frying keto chips?

Sunflower oil can be used, but it's always best to opt for healthier oils like olive oil or coconut oil. They not only have health benefits but also handle heat better, ensuring a crispy chip.

Key Takeaways

  1. Life-Saving Snacks: Keto-friendly chips are more than just snacks; they're a lifesaver when that crunchy craving hits. Whether you're deep into a low-carb diet or just trying to cut down on regular chips, these alternatives come to the rescue.
  2. Amazon's Got You Covered: If you're ever in doubt about where to start, Amazon has a myriad of low-carb chip options. From brands known for their keto recipes to newer players in the market, there's something for every kind of chip lover.
  3. DIY is the Best Way: Making your own keto tortilla chips isn't just an easy recipe to follow; it's a fun DIY project. The best part? You can customize them to your heart's content. Use almond flour, add some egg whites for binding, or even experiment with adding protein powder. And if you're aiming for that perfect shape, a tortilla press might be your best bet.
  4. Read Before You Eat: It can't be stressed enough – always, always check the ingredients list. Not all low-carb chips are created equal. Keeping an eye on the grams of carbs and ensuring you're not going over your daily limit is crucial. Plus, you'd be surprised at how some unexpected ingredients can make their way into your favorite snacks.
  5. Experimentation is Key: One of the joys of a keto diet is discovering new favorites. From salty snacks made of almond flour to chips crafted with the help of a rolling pin and sheets of parchment paper, the options are endless. Don't shy away from experimenting. Maybe you fancy chips made with pork rinds? Or perhaps you'd like to try your hand at a keto taco casserole instead of nacho chips. Dive into different keto recipes, and who knows, you might just find your next staple.
  6. Beware of Hidden Ingredients: It's easy to get excited seeing "low-carb" on the packaging in a grocery store. But sometimes, they might still have ingredients that aren't strictly keto. So whether it's vegetable oil or certain kinds of preservatives, it's always good to be informed.
  7. Freshness is Vital: If you're making a second batch of homemade chips or have opened a pack, ensure they're stored well. Using air-tight containers or sealing them with a paper towel in a bag can help retain their crunch.
  8. Enjoy the Journey: At the end of the day, remember to enjoy the journey. Whether you're new to the keto world or a seasoned pro, discovering new snacks, recipes, and ingredients is part of the fun. So take your time, sample different kinds, and relish every bite. You'll also love our favorite Keto cereals.

Remember, it's not about deprivation, but rather finding the best ingredients and methods that align with your goals. 

Conclusion: keto friendly chips

As we wrap up, remember that while store-bought keto-friendly chips are convenient, there's nothing quite like the taste of homemade chips. Whether you're using almond flour, pork rinds, or even simple vegetables, the options are endless. Armed with some simple ingredients and a little bit of creativity, you can keep those chip cravings at bay and stay committed to your keto journey. Keep it crunchy and enjoy the keto way of life! 

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